Raw feeding for your dog: The natural and healthy diet for your canine companion

The information contained on this webpage is intended to show you the benefits of feeding your pets the way that nature intended. I would like to share with you my story of how I discovered natural feeding.

How did I come across (Barf Diet) or Raw Feeding?

I was reading Dog’s Today magazine back in December of 2006 and came across an article about Pet Smile Week. I found it very interesting to read that most pet dogs and cats have extremely bad dental health which in turn leads to many other health issues. The article went on to tell us the pros and cons of natural feeding as promoted by UK Raw Meaty Bones Support and Action Group. This, I found, very interesting and wanted to find out more. I went on to research this diet on the internet and was more and more hooked on the idea of changing my three pet dogs to it.

I thought my biggest hurdle would be to get my husband to agree to it (men don’t like change!). He was concerned about the cost at first but, he was very good and he listened to all of the pros and cons. He soon realised that it was cheaper than feeding them commercial dog food an he agreed that our dogs would benefit from the change so we decided to take the plunge.


Making the change

At this time we had three dogs, Dana, Jack and Lucy. Lucy was always a very fussy eater. Many meal times she would not eat her food. I would get quite frustrated trying to find food she would eat. I would buy the small tins of dog food, pouches, tinned tuna, etc. She has always been very small and skinny but that is probably due to her hyperactivity and we always worried that she was completely under nourished. Well, the day we changed we decided to just go for it. I have never looked back since. Lucy amazed us! She tucked into her new diet as if she had never eaten before. She loved to eat the chicken wings, and although it took her some time she always finished them.

Our older dog at the time, Dana, was not a fussy eater but she was often sick after eating her dried complete food. She was not in the best shape and rarely wanted to go out for walks. When we started to feed her the new raw diet she changed. She lost weight over time and became so much more active. She enjoyed her walks again and she was overall a much healthier and happier dog. 

Jack was our other dog, he had no issues with diet or health and he loved the new raw diet.


Sadly we no longer have these 3 dogs, but they all made a good age before we lost them.

I will never go back to feeding my dogs commercial pet food. I have read and also seen for myself the huge benefits that natural feeding brings to our pets. I believe that feeding a raw and natural diet is what we should be doing for our pet dogs.  We may have changed their outside appearance through breeding but we have not changed their internal organs.  Wild dogs, from where our pet dogs descend would not eat a dry, pre-prepared diet.  They would have the joy and pleasure of eating raw fresh meat, bones and vegetation. They would have few health problems, clean teeth, strong bones and muscles.

Spread the word to other pet owners, hopefully together we can give our companions a better future.

Our Dogs Now

Charlie, is a 10 year old black Labrador.  We decided we would get a puppy, as all of our other dogs had been rescue and we wanted the experience of a puppy.

He was fed raw from the first day he came home at 8 weeks old and he has never had a problem with it.  He is a fit and slim boy, now he is a little older, we take things much slower although he would still chase a tennis ball all day, we don't allow it as we want to preserve his joints for as long as we can. He loves a gentle stroll or a run around with our other Labrador.

Tiffany is also a 10 year old Labrador.  We have only had her with us since 2012.  She is now in her third and last home. She is adorable and naughty in equal measures.  She started on the raw diet on the first day we took her in and she loves it and has always eaten everything we have offered her, and somethings she shouldn't have!!