Important Information about Raw Feeding for your Dog


There are some important points you should take into account when you consider raw feeding your canine companion. Here are some top tips and advice:

Raisins, grapes and onions are Poisonous to Dogs and should never be given. 

Only ever feed your dog raw bones – Never Cooked. Cooked bones can splinter and cause injury to your dog.

Feed organ meat once per week and avoid mincing this if possible.

If your dog seems to be very hungry try adding a filler such as brown rice, buckwheat or quinoa. Use this as part of the fruit and veg mix.

For Treats: Use baked liver for training, dried fruit, nuts or part of their daily allowance (can be a bit messy!) I make home made liver cake for mine.

You can be very clever to help keep the costs down by buying your fruit and veg from the market, always ask if they have any that they are about to throw away, look for reduced items In the supermarket, pick your own or grow your own.

Most Important Of All:- Do your own research, speak to as many people as you can and gather as much information as you can. Then make up your own mind as to how you wish to feed your pets.

The guide for a healthy dog is very simple:
If Your Dog Is Overweight – Feed Him Less
If Your Dog Is Underweight – Feed Him More
If Your Dog Is At The Correct Weight – Carry On As You Are

As with humans – each dog is different, and how much you feed your dog will depend on its age, breed and amount of exercise he gets.